A wet quickie

Draft of a story that has been coming for months, even though it is a quickie. 🙂

Inka walks into the room in her flowery summer dress. She is dripping wet and the water pools around her feet as soon as she stands still. She sighs heavily and drops her bag to the floor with a loud bang. I smirk at her wet chest like a teenager, because I can see her nipples clearly through the thin fabric. She notices my reaction and tells me to shut up.

-I did not say a word! I protest and keep on watching her move as she slowly begins to open her ponytail. Her hair is dripping wet, too. Her cheeks look like she’s been crying but her eyes are only filled with annoyance. I wish I could kiss it better for her. She has obviously had a bad day.

When I see her hands above her head I get an idea and it feels like a light bulb over my head and one, appreciatively jerking cock in my pants. I can always fuck it better. In the shower. Hard and rough and fast. Wet quickie in the afternoon. Just the thought of it makes me salivate with lust.

I begin to walk towards Inka, who is absolutely clueless of my horny visions and still struggles with her long, thick hair. I close my fingers around her small wrists and bring them down, behind her back. Her bare arms have goosebumps all over them. She is cold.

-Can I help you, I purr into her ear.
-What? No. I do not need… she begins, trying to struggle free, but I put my demanding lips against hers before she can finish her sentence. I kiss her gently and press her against my chest while holding her hands behind her back. I begin to walk us towards the bathroom, slowly.

-Can I kiss it better? I ask stupidly right after I have already kissed her.
-I am wet all over! I am shivering with cold! How can you kiss it better? She tells me but keeps on walking and keeping an eye on me.
-Can I fuck it better then?
-Andreas! She scolds me but she is soon aware of the big elephant bulge in the room. I grab the soft leather handcuffs from the hook where they were left the last time we used them. It’s been weeks and I am happy for this opportunity to put them in use.
-What are you doing?! Inka asks but her voice is not angry, her pupils are darker and her nipples, they are even harder than they were before. I kiss her softly for the longest time, waiting for her to catch my drift. Her body softens against me and her tongue tries to invade my mouth. I press her against the wall and tie her wrists together with the handcuffs. I lift them above her head and keep them there. She inhales quickly, like getting ready to dive underwater.

I press her hands against the wall with one hand and find her nipples with the other. I let my thumb roll and play over her breasts. She begins to moan when I tease her nipple. I press my quickly hardening cock against her wet body. She shivers with excitement and moves her legs so that I can press myself between her legs. I crash her against the wall and her little tongue comes out of her mouth and the kiss deepens. I feel the pressure rising quickly between my legs.

-Let’s get into a hot shower, shall we? We do not want you to catch a cold, do we?
-No, we do not, Inka agrees, biting her lip to suppress a smile. I lift her up from the floor and carry her into the shower. I lower her down on her feet, still holding her hands against the wall, forcing her to just stand there still and watch as I turn the warm water on. As the water begins to pour over us I fondle her breast with my fingers while I nibble the other one with my teeth. I suck it hard and taste the fabric.

My cock is aching with the need to do some dirty things to this wonderful, fully clothed and wet woman who is standing helplessly against the wall in front of me. Waiting for me. Her eyes are filled with lust and hunger and when our eyes meet my cock jerks violently.

I have no intention to waste time by removing my clothes. I just unzip my wet pants and letting my hard cock out to play. Inka watches me keenly as I palm it slowly in the running water. I wash my cock gently, let it fill itself with blood and get as hard as possible before I fill Inka’s wet pussy with it.

Inka looks fantastic in her wet dress and I know how wet her familiar cunt is underneath it. I want to take her so hard it makes a big man weep. I want her so much, every day of our lives, but now it feels like my life depends on it. Just the thought of sinking my cock into her… Ravishing her, making her moan, then making her moan some more and making her louder and finally she screams my name as she comes for me.

I want to see her shivering with bliss, helplessly against the white tiles, her tied hands in my tight grip above her head. I want her to show me how good it feels to take me inside her, in our own home, in our shower, in the middle of this rainy summer afternoon, when we have nothing better to do than to just fuck one little naughty fuck and enjoy each other the way we both love.

It is just these two words pounding in my head: I want as the blood fills my cock so fast, so violently it goddamn hurts. I rush my hand down Inka’s thigh and when I find the hem of the dress I quickly continue my journey between her legs.

-Are you wet for me? I ask as I aim my fingers between her legs.

-What do you think, Andreas? Inka returns the question.

She nudges her pussy against my hand, begging me to try. I push two fingers inside her as I kiss her underneath the warm shower, I fuck her with my fingers and when she moans her mouth opens wider and fills with water. I kiss my way to her neck, I laugh against her skin and bite her soft flesh, marking her, even when I know she is already mine.

-I am sorry about this… I tell her as I pull my fingers out of her and rip her panties apart. When there is nothing between me and the pussy I love I aim my cock between her legs and push myself deep inside her with just one, long push. Her tight opening is struggling to have me but I do not give her time to adjust, I just begin to move in and out, in and out. I take her against the wall, rip her dress open and suck her nipples while I fuck her under the running water, finally letting go and giving in to the need.

Inka moans and struggles to stand on her legs as her knees buckle. I tighten my grip and hold her by the handcuffs. She is frantic with ecstasy and her eyes are closed as the water keeps running down her face, then her bare neck and her breasts and her dress. I watch down, where our hips meet and my cock moves back and forth, wildly chasing the imminent ecstasy.

Inka is crying out with pleasure with every thrust I make, her head is limp over her chest as she moves with me.The water keeps running over our heads, warming us and steaming around us. The echoes of our voices keep pounding the walls as I pound into her pussy, hungrily like a wolf, Andreas Wolf.

It is the hardest and fastest shower fuck we have ever had and it is like we are saving the world by saving water. I fuck her like crazy and my climax is coming like a lightning. I panic that I come too fast, way too fast and leave Inka hanging but suddenly she lets out a long moan, like a low sigh of pleasure and she collapses against the handcuffs. I hold her tight, with my both hands to keep her upwards and I let out a soft moan of relief as I explode inside her, emptying myself inside her soft pussy as it ripples and convulses around my cock. My own knees buckle and my hips keep on jerking with pleasure as I ride the fantastic wave of pleasure, rocking gently against Inka.

It was a hard and fast ride for both of us, yet very satisfying. I open the handcuffs and let Inka free. Only then I am able to pull myself out of her pussy and take her into my arms, to keep her under the warm water, to let her catch her breath.

The early dick catches the pussy


I came home early in the morning and tried to tiptoe to our bedroom where Inka was sleeping.

She slept on her side, her back to me and there was a paperback on her pillow, just about to slide down to the floor. I grabbed it in the nick of time, curious to see what book it was. Fuck, it was by Jodi Ellen Malpas. That damn author made my woman so horny it was fucking ridiculous. It made me almost jealous but the best part of it was that when I was at home she attacked me and rode my dick until I was weeping with pleasure like pussy. But this time there was only Inka and the book… I sighed. It meant only one thing. Inka was having the time of her life in our bed, without me. That was unacceptable.

I crawled under the covers with mixed feelings, too lazy to just get in the shower and get over it. I spooned Inka gently, trying not to wake her -selfishly hoping that she would at the same time. She mumbled something in her sleep. I pulled her closer and pushed my face against her soft hair. Heaven. It was my heaven to have her so close to me, to smell her clean skin and fragrant hair. I never understood how women could smell so good.

I was exhausted after my nightshift in the hospital and wondered if I should just sleep it off. Then I felt something underneath my thigh. Something small and hard. I reached for it with my hand, knowing exactly what it was. That damn vibrator that lured Inka to have sex with herself.

I knew it! Damn you, Jodi. The one and only erotica author for Inka. She had read her books so many times she probably knew all the sex scenes by heart. Even I could remember some of them… because we had done them. Inka stretched her body and seemed to be awake enough to have a little conversation. I pulled her into my arms.

-So… Was it a good one? The one you rubbed for yourself with this evil little vibrator?

Inka laughed out loud in the darkness.

-Yes, it was, Wolf. It was one of the best I’ve ever had. I even fell asleep immediately.

-Fuck, no. I wish I had been there.

-To sleep with me?

-Oh, no, missy. Not to sleep with you, I growled.

As soon as I saw Inka pleasuring herself in my mind my dick twitched.

-To fuck you until you forget your name and all about that… evil battery-operated pleasure provider.

-It has it perks, you know, Inka tried.

-I know… I groaned, pressing my semi-hard dick against Inka. She shivered, shifted a little closer and reached her hand behind her back.

-Why are you still wearing your clothes? she complained.

-You’ve made me horny I complained back. I swear it is like porn for women… Those romantic erotica books they read whenever they have a chance.

-It’s not porn! Inka snapped back. She disagrees with me. She thinks erotica and porn are not the same thing at all. I think there is a fine line between those two genres. Very fine line. Hard to see line but easy to feel. I felt it in my pants at this very moment.

-Sorry… I’m sorry that you’re horny, Inka laughed softly, still sounding a bit sleepy and relaxed.

-Stop laughing, if you do not wish to have one of those retribution fucks you read about in your erotic novels. I knew it was something the main characters did in Jodi’s books. It sounded like a good idea at the moment. I wanted to make Inka come. I wanted to make her cry out my name instead of some sexy, arrogant asshole that had loads of money and drove expensive cars and acted like a bully and fucked like a god.

-Really? Inka did not sound so sleepy.

-Turn over and lie on your stomach, Inka, I told her while I jumped off the bed. I got rid of my clothes in record time and threw them to the darkness. I freed my hard penis and stroked it with my palm a few times, watching as Inka obeyed and lied on the bed on her stomach. Completely naked. Gorgeous ass visible in the dim street light.

-Tell me what you did last night, I demanded with a low voice. Did you think about me while reading?

-Yes, she admitted. I thought that it was you who wanted me so bad that it was driving you crazy. Like it was the air that you breathed when you pushed your cock deep inside me. Like you could not get inside of me fast enough and you took me hard – and fast – and it was the best orgasm ever.

-Keep going, Inka. What did you do with your vibrator?

I kneeled over Inka ass and grabbed that little, powerful vibrator and turned it on.

-I started with the random mode that vibrates slow and fast and then slow again… she mumbled but went silent when she felt my hand sliding underneath her. I reached for her clit and used the same mode. Silent, random vibes hit her clit and she jerked softly. I used my both hands to spread her flesh and  reached for her clit from the very same direction where my tongue would lick her. She loved it when I did that… She began to rub her sex against the vibrator, her clit growing harder.

-Don’t move, I warned. Inka stopped with a low groan. I changed the mode to very slow and rubbed her slowly, not giving her enough friction to get what she wanted. She was panting her frustration against the pillow. I slowed my hand more. Her arousal was making my finger wet and slippery against her skin. I kissed her shoulder.

-What did you do then? Did you change the pace?


-Like this?

I changed the pace as well and made her cry out. I pushed the vibrator against her slippery flesh, forced it against the side of her clit and she began to shiver and moan. I rubbed the dancing sex toy against her clit like it was me fucking her. I paused every once and a while, keeping her needy. She tried to move, to ease the pressure between her legs but I forced her down with my weight, keeping her in my tight grip, enjoying as her body tried to squirm with pleasure. I changed the vibrator’s mode once more and began to roll it around her clit, not giving in an inch as her body began to twitch with orgasms.  She came once or twice, trembling in my grip as I gently moved the vibrator away from her aching clit and turned it off. Her voice was muffled against the pillow and the sheets, but it was high enough to wake the neighbours. Sorry… Not sorry. I slid one finger inside her pussy and felt the after quakes inside her. My cock responded immediately, knowing exactly what if felt like to be buried deep in there when the earthquake came.

-Did you come like that? I whispered as I pressed my body against her back and held her until her breathing was normal and she was able to talk.

-Yes… But it is always better with you. You know when to be gentle and when to be rough. You know my body just as well as I do.

-Glad to hear that, Inka. That stupid vibrator makes me so jealous sometimes.

I dropped my body beside Inka and she turned over. I palmed my rock-hard dick, enjoying the eager bastard. He knew he was going to get lucky. I could feel Inka watching me intensively in the dark.

-That’s right… Keep your eyes on the price, baby, I laughed hoarsely. It turned me on to know she was watching me.

I felt her warm breath on my skin as she crawled over my body and ended up sitting on my thighs. She put her hand on my hand and pulled it away from my dick. Without saying a word, she lifted her torso and guided my dick to her wet opening. She was so damn wet!

When she finally sat down on me I slid inside her pussy effortlessly. All the air left my lungs as I felt my hard dick filling her. When I was able to open my eyes, I watched as Inka began to ride me. She was slow at first, filling herself with my dick as she let her hips fall down against me, all the way. In this position she could use the whole shaft. She moved deliberately slow as she pulled her hips up and pressed her  inner muscles against my dick as hard as she could. Fuck! My hips jerked up uncontrollably with every move as she slowly milked my dick. Up…. and down. Up… and down. What goes up, it must come down. I was panting just like Inka was panting against her pillow only moments ago.

-It feels too good… So fucking good. Keep going, I mumbled.

Fuck… I was mesmerized by her small breasts as they moved up and down as she moved. She was breathing a bit harder, but she kept milking me ruthlessly with her pussy. She was very good at this, I knew she had practiced, and I was ready to come inside her cunt any second now. I only wished it could last forever. It was a bliss like no other to feel her soft walls working around me.

-Give me your nipples, I need to milk you too. Inka sat down on my dick once more, then she leaned her slender body down and offered her breasts to me. I sucked her breasts, changing from one to the other, over and over again. Inka was moaning softly, her voices were like fuel to the fire. I sucked her hard nipples feverishly and Inka lost her controlled moves. She was unable to concentrate and began to ride me harder. She changed her position and kissed me.

-Are you ready? she whispered to my ear.

I could only growl deep in my throat. I pressed my fingers into her flesh as I grabbed her hips. She began to ride my dick furiously, keeping her body low so that her nipples tickled my chest with every move she made. She slammed her pussy over my dick, repeatedly, crying out softly as the hard member pierced her. Her voice got higher and her pussy convulsed aggressively like it always did just before she came.

She rode me wild, suddenly putting her hand between her legs and rubbing her clit as she gave me the last few milking moves. The sight of her moving body as she rode me, her fingers rubbing her wet and hard clit and then the open, shameless ecstasy on her familiar face… It was too much for me. I came hard while snuggled deep inside her fierce pussy.

White sheet underneath us was moist with her arousal and my semen was leaking out of her convulsing pussy as my dick jerked and twitched, emptying itself in the most satisfying way. I knew there was shower somewhere, with our names written on it, but I was too dizzy to care and when Inka’s sweaty body collapsed over me I knew we were not going to move in a while from this messy bed.




Short shorts story (erotic flash fiction)

This was going to be hard. Really fucking hard, I cursed in my head when two absolutely perfect ass cheeks were staring at me in the face. Lila was standing right in front of me, moving her weight from one leg to the other occasionally, torturing me.

They were very nice cheeks, round and sexy. They were also firm and probably ripe for a tough grab by my itching fingers. My dick became alive in my trousers, making me curse under my breath. When Lila finally walked away she took a glance at me and winked her eye.

Cheeky woman…

Her lips said: I love you.

My lips said: You are in trouble.

“So, how was work?” Tom asked beside me, distracting me from the gorgeous ass that was walking away now. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was staring at Lila as well. Fuck that.

“No big deal. I just made the biggest deal of the year. We are making headlines as we speak,” I shared.

“Way to go, man.” Tom was patting me in the back, grinning. “I am so proud of you. You want another beer?”

“Sure. I could use one.”

Tom got up and vanished. I leaned back in my chair and followed Lila with my eyes. Her short shorts were so tiny it was a damn miracle she was able to walk while wearing them. There were holes in the worn fabric and I wondered what it would feel like to push my finger through one of those holes and feel her soft, warm flesh underneath. Wet for me.

She knew she was teasing me. It was against my rules to tease me publicly without my permission and she would suffer for it. We both knew it and the anticipation of the punishing act that was going to happen soon made it only worse. My dick twitched with excitement, swelling against my underwear, longing for the conflict.

It was hot and the sun was shining from a clear blue sky as I was sweating in my 4000 euro suit. I thought that I could change clothes later after I’ve relaxed with one cold beer.

My eyes met with Lila’s briefly and I narrowed my eyes. She laughed and returned to her lively conversation with her friends. Tom came back and handed the beer over. I accepted it gratefully. When he vanished again I sat and waited for the right moment like a lion that stalked his prey. I knew it would not take long when Lila would be alone with me. I just sat there patiently, with an itch I could not scratch without Lila’s pussy.

Ten minutes later she went to the kitchen to fetch something and I jumped from my seat and followed. I reached her in front of the fridge and sank my beer cold fingers to her half-bare bottom. Oh fuck, it was heaven. She screamed but I silenced her by putting my palm over her mouth.

“Hush, my lovely…” She relaxed against me and laughed a muffled laugh. “You were teasing me and made me hard. You are going to get fucked for it.” She shivered against me. Turned on by my naughty promise. “Hard, woman.”

She gasped softly and leaned her body closer, feeling my hard dick with her bottom. I fisted her long hair and turned her head to the side so that I could kiss her beautiful neck. I felt her vein beat fast under my lips. I bit her briefly before I held her by the waist and carried her to the garage. My dick pulsed against her warm body. God, it felt good to know I would be inside of her in mere seconds.

“Open your ridiculously short shorts,” I demanded and Lila obeyed. “How the fuck are you even able to walk when you are wearing them?!” I mumbled in her hair while I pushed her shorts down her legs. “Well, you are not able to walk anyway after I am done with you…” Lila shivered visibly. I moulded her ass in my palms, stretching her tiny G-strings with my fingers. “And these… my god, woman. You are driving me insane. Bend the fuck over.”

Lisa bent over my black Mercedes, her palms firmly against the car, embracing herself for the imminent invasion of her pussy. She knew me so well and I knew her. After all, we had had sex in this house for years, in every room and in numerous different positions.

“You knew those short shorts would drive me crazy, didn’t you?” Lisa did not answer. I swear she was smiling.”Instant gratification? Is that what you were looking for? Well, look no more, love.”

My hands were all over her. I found her nipple while the other one travelled slowly deeper into her tiny panties. They were wet and I could smell her scent. My dick was throbbing and I rocked it against her ass while I nudged her clitoris gently. I picked her nipple between my fingers like a red berry and did the same to her hardening clitoris. Then I pushed two fingers deeper between her legs, unable to wait any longer. Lisa gasped and her back arched a little to help me reach her pussy from the front. Oh yes… The slippery skin lets me glide inside of her easily, it was like taking a candy from a baby.

I finger fucked her for a moment, making her moan. I opened my zipper with the other hand and freed my rock hard dick. It was ready and jerking in my hand while I palmed it lazily. I brushed Lila’s hair to the side to kiss her neck. I saw a small smile on her lips.

“I am going to fuck you now, Lila,” I whispered softly and I could feel her pussy convulsing around my fingers. I pulled my fingers out of her and pulled the tiny fabric aside quickly. I aimed at her core and pushed the tip of my dick inside her opening.

“Fuuuuck…” I cursed once more, hesitating only for a second until I pushed my dick inside, filling her wet cunt. Lisa held her breath for a moment, then she relaxed and pushed her ass a bit higher, helping me to reach her deeper. It was my licence to fuck and I began to rock into her as fast and hard as I could. Her pussy was wet and wild, convulsing around me as she rocked her hips against mine.

Her moans grew louder and longer as I kept on fucking her. She ended up laughing with pleasure. Fuck I loved it when she did that. She took everything I gave, shamelessly so. Her pleasure was my biggest undoing. My dick was hardening and thickening more to the echoes of her sexy voices. I did not give a rat’s ass if our guests heard us fucking wildly in here. We were married. Period. I could pleasure my wife and myself whenever the fuck I wanted.

“Are you coming for me, Lila?” I rolled my hips, reaching her pussy suddenly from all angles, rubbing my dick into her wildly. Her head fell forward as she whined her pleasure out. My head fell back as I dived deep into her core once more, low groan in my throat.

“Come for me!” I demanded as my fingers sank into her flesh and my thrusts grew reckless. “I am coming inside of you…!” I exclaimed and that was the last straw for Lila. She climaxed suddenly all around me, pushing me over the edge fast and we pulsed and panted together as the wonderful carnal pleasure took us both over. It cannot get better than this, I thought to myself.

“Oh god…” Lisa moaned, her cheek against the car metal. “Oh goddess,” I murmured against her neck, kissing her salty flesh, still inside of her sweet pussy. It took a while until I was able to move.

Eventually, I pulled out of her, watching as my semen followed. I adjusted her panties and pulled her short shorts up. Lisa straightened her back and turned around to face me.

“Are you expecting me to go out to the yard like this? Smelling like your semen and wild sex?”

“Yes, I am Lila. You’ll smell like me so the other men know that you are mine. You are all mine, Lila. I will never let you go.”

“Good. Because I do not want you to.”

She walked away, trying to adjust her shorts a bit and straightening her hair with her fingers. Her hips were swinging softly. Well, she can walk, after all, I mused as I began to put my satiated and happy dick back into my pants.

Random Acts update!

Random Acts erotica ebook is soon updated with a new bonus chapter. It is a sexy epilogue that takes place in Lapland.

Some people think that when you make love underneath the beautiful aurora borealis you get beautiful, happy (boy) babies. I have no proof if it is actually true but it might as well be! You never know until you try… Babies aside; making love while aurora borealis is blazing above you must be pretty fun and unforgettable moment.

Random Acts Bedtime Stories for Adults updated ebook with the added epilogue will be available later this week is avaialble on Kindle Store. (Make sure to update your book if you already have it.)

Hard day’s hard fuck

”Hard day?” she asks. I close the door behind me, drop my car keys to the table and close the distance between us with just a few hasty steps. She looks beautiful in her sweat shirt and yoga pants. No makeup, just a messy pony tail and she has some paint on her face. She’s been painting all day. She feels warm and soft and smells divine. I don’t have to tell her that I want her badly, she already knows.

“Not as hard as you are going to be fucked right now.”

“OK,” she laughs and her eyes darken visibly. That is all I need. I pick her up from the floor and carry her toward the bedroom. Suddenly I change my mind. I carry her fantastic ass to the kitchen table and I push her roughly on her back. I practically rip her pants off her beautiful ass while I lift her body by her leg. She giggles and watches me like a hawk as I throw her panties to the floor.

“Open your legs for me,” I growl. She obeys and her fingers curl over the edge of the table as she embraces herself. She is slightly panting already and biting her lip. I know I have fucking died and gone to heaven when I take a good, slow look at her pussy.  I lick my bottom lip and our eyes meet briefly as I grin at her. We both know I am going to lick her pussy until she is squirming against the table and screaming my name.

I know I can’t fuck her until she is wet and ready for me. That is all I can think of right now. How I am going to bury my cock inside her throbbing pussy, up to my balls.  Then I am going fuck her like there is no tomorrow. My cock twitches. I sit on the chair and spread my own legs. I am already so hard it makes me dizzy.

Lisa cries out softly when I take a good hold of her thighs and pull her ass to the very edge of the table. I smell her arousal already. Her clit is pulsing with blood, waiting for my tongue when I carefully open her soft flesh with my fingers. I press my mouth against her. I rub my tongue gently against her. She gasps and jumps. I press her hips down against the table with my arms as I spread her wide open and sink my tongue right into her pussy. I can feel the blood rushing south, making her hotter and hornier. My cock is so hard I have to shift my position. I decide to give all of my attention to her clit. I can’t wait. I suck her, lick her, and twist my evil tongue around the ever hardening nub so fast it makes Lisa cry out loud. She moans and tries to pull her hips away. I grab her harder; suck her in a rhythm that makes her crazy. I feel her heartbeat pulsing underneath my tongue as I force her orgasm for me.

“Fuck, Jake, fuck, fuck, fuck…!” She is screaming the house down. I don’t care. “FUCK YES!” she cries out and begins to tremble. My cock twitches so hard I wonder if it is going to open the zipper all by himself. I know my cock knows some cool tricks but that one has never happened before. I lick around the clit, very gently as I wait for Lisa to come down from her climax. She pants and moans. She is slick with sweat and her pussy is gleaming with moisture. I palm my cock through the fabric and smile at Lisa. Her gaze is soft after the intense pleasure. She loves the way I force her to come fast and hard. It makes her blood pump, she says. It is nice to be pleasured, when all you have to do in return is to just let go and enjoy.

I know the feeling. I imagine her soft lips against my cock and I have to open my zipper. I stand up and pull my pants down.

“I am still very tight,” Lisa says quietly, her eyes wide as she looks at my fully hard, one eyed monster that is just about to go for a joyride between her legs.

“I am counting on it, love,” I tell her and press the head of my cock against her opening. Jesus Christ, she is wet and warm. I slide myself in with a moan. Lisa holds her breath.

“Deeper,” she tells me.

“Wait for it,” I warn her. “Good for you to say.” I am just about to blow my load deep inside her heaven. I need to gather myself while I fuck her softly with the thick head. My whole body is tense with pleasure.  It takes all my willpower to stop there, but it feels so fucking good to tease her tight opening like this. Her pussy is still throbbing and I know she will fit me like a glove when I am finally in there.

Lisa begs me to go deeper with soft moans. She grabs her own thighs and pulls them up against her body. We both listen to the slick sounds of her pussy as I rock my head in and out.

I can’t take it anymore.

The muscles in my buttocks tighten as I finally slide myself all the way in.

“Fuck!” I hiss. Her soft walls convulse around me. I lean forward over Lisa. I press one quick kiss on her lips and take a good hold of the table. In just a few seconds I fuck her hard and fill her pussy with my cock, over and over again. Lisa is crying out loud with every thrust. I can’t see her breasts but I can see their shape underneath her clothes as they move up and down. The nipples are visible even through the thick fabric. I wish I could suck them. No time for that. She is already whining so hard I know she is about to come.

“Fuck me harder,” she pants. Her face twists with pleasure. Her head falls over the edge, and then she follows. Her legs shake in the air and she cries out a long cry. I see her toes curl beside my head.

“Good girl,” I praise her, groaning with bliss because her pussy is milking me so perfectly I fear my knees give up. I am still hard as fuck. I slide in and out, in and out. When Lisa goes limp and her legs snake around my hips I pull my cock out and finally take her to my arms and carry her to the bedroom. I lay her down to bed and tell her to get on her knees. She looks flustered and well fucked but I am not done yet. Neither is she. I can see it from the look she gives me when she looks over her shoulder and pushes her naked ass up for me.

“Come on, big boy,” she purrs and I am already on my knees behind her, slamming my cock inside of her, making her yelp and grab the sheets. I ride her from behind, enjoying every moan I get out of her as I fuck her. I am delirious with lust and just let go. Lisa is moaning with pleasure and I feel her pussy beginning to tighten once more. She buries her face against the mattress and bites the sheets. I take her ponytail to my fist.

“Are you going to come for me, Lisa?” I know she is.

“Fuck yes!” is her muffled cry and this time she comes so hard my cock is getting the massage of its life. I pant as I rock into her, sweat dripping down my forehead. My thighs tighten, my hips lose the perfect, steady rhythm of frantic fuck and I follow her, falling finally over the edge and into the deep oblivion. I crash over Lisa’s wildly trembling body as she keeps on moaning against the sheets. Her overflowing pussy keeps on milking me and I am going nowhere. I still have my shoes on and my trousers are in my ankles.

Oh well. These things happen.

Good, hard and fast fucks happen.




Random Acts 2.0

Random Acts: Bedtime Stories for Adults has been edited once more to save the lives of all the grammar police out there. Thanks to Grammarly the most ridiculous grammar errors have been removed. When I get carried away with the story the grammar (or vocabulary) is not necessarily the first thing on my mind. That is my way to get things done.

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This is how it begins and this is what you can read if you preview the book on Amazon:

Random Act of Sex

Like always, the club was filled with people who were out to party like there was no tomorrow. In a way, there was no tomorrow. There was no yesterday either. Even this day was over and done with. All there was left was this shady, noisy and hot nightclub, filled with sweaty bodies rocking and swaying to the loud, monotonous bass rhythm. This was the one and only way I wanted to face big crowds, to face the music, so to speak. It was time for me to join the mass, to offer my body to the gods of dancing, in this almost religious ceremony of sound and movement.

I came here regularly to dance the night away. It was the best way to relieve stress. I lost the contact to my friend Krista soon enough. She went outside to smoke her first cigarette. Ever since it was not allowed to smoke in bars and restaurants, I saw her less while we went clubbing. She was outside on the street, smoking her lungs out and flirting with strangers, and I was inside the club, dancing my ass off. We were looking for different thrills in the night. It was more than ok with me. Krista was a big girl and she could take care of herself. So could I.

I enjoyed myself on the dance floor for a couple of songs, warming up my body. I felt like I needed a drink of water in order to survive the night without passing out from dehydration. I watched people having fun while I leant against the bar counter and waited patiently for the bartender to get my cold drink. It looked like half of the party animals hardly remembered tomorrow what had happened tonight, but they did not give a fuck. I sincerely had no intention to be part of their night after regrets. My one and only plan was, sure enough, to lose control, but only by soothing my aching nerves and muscles by dancing. I was going to shake my booty until I was ready to collapse and get back home to bed.


My boss had been an asshole – naturally born asshole that he is – all day. He had nagged at me about everything, even though I worked for 12 hours a day most of the working days and did my very best to please him. I was stupid enough to be loyal to the company, yet he still treated me like I was an idiot. There was no rational reason for it. It pissed me off, so I had some extra steam to let out of my system. Everybody else at work seemed to appreciate my hard work and efforts. I wanted to be proud of my work and I was, but today I had been told that I am slow and lazy one too many times.

My body felt tense like a string of a violin. I felt sick of everything that was happening in my life. I felt murderous. I wanted to kill someone. Just thinking about work made me puke. I felt how my fingers grabbed the glass of water, much harder than it was necessary when the bartender handed it over. I drank the cool drink down hastily, not caring a bit if some of the cooling water dripped down my jaw. I wiped my mouth and chewed an ice-cube. I let the ice melt in my mouth and kept on watching people.

Many of the dancers were self-conscious, especially younger women. They were checking their outlook from the mirrors repeatedly. They needed to make sure their hair, lips or mascara was in perfect order, while they humped air sexily. Fuck that, I thought. You cannot dance if you think about your hair all the time… But these girls shook their booties carefully like they did not want to make a mess or they did not want to sweat. Maybe they were in search of cute, adorable boyfriend, or looking for their very own Prince Charming, who would swipe them off their feet and they would live their lives together, happily ever after. Looking cute and making even cuter babies. Oh, how I hated cute tonight. I was raw inside and felt like screaming.

I was certainly not looking for any company. I had a mental wall around me. I was giving an angry finger to everybody; the cute, the bad and the ugly. Dancing was never meant to be cute; it was all about moving your body, about rhythm and joy. It was like sex. If you did not make a mess of it, or end up sweating, wet with different bodily fluids, you did not do it right. You did not let yourself go completely, allowing your soul soar free in ecstasy.

I always danced like nobody was watching, and it showed. I got men buzzing around me regularly on the dance floor, trying to get my attention. They were drawn to my body when I was moving because I let my body guide me. I never checked my make up from the mirror; I never wiped sweat from my face. I just let go. Maybe in their eyes, it looked like I was having sex… I danced with my eyes closed, most of the time, so the drunks who were circling around me left me alone eventually. Without eye contact they were clueless and they left me in peace.

I got what I wanted. I got to dance for myself.

Tonight I was more eager than ever to dance until I drop until my feet were killing me, until every muscle of my body was warm and relaxed and screaming for rest. Then I would walk back home, through the empty, cobbled streets. I would probably fall asleep and sleep until it was Saturday afternoon. I was ready to commit a dance suicide and kill my body and mind with sweet exhaustion.

Fuck the work. Fuck my boss.

I was ready to leave it all behind, at least for the night. And then the fate kicks in: DJ plays my all-time favourite: Here Comes the Hot Stepper. The song was one of the good old goodies and I returned quickly to the dance floor, with another ice-cube melting in my mouth. I lost myself to the song immediately, forgetting about the cute girls or the horny boys. I closed my eyes and just danced. I quit thinking, allowing my hips, knees and hands find the rhythm naturally. It was a perfect symphony of sweat and movement. I forgot where I was. During that one sweet song, I let go all of the emotional tension in my body.

When I felt the need to drink water again, I returned to the bar. I glanced around and with no sign of my friend, I returned happily to the dance floor. My black jeans got stuck to my sweaty legs. I felt my shirt stick to my skin. I wore black for a reason. I had dark hair, dark clothes, and darker mood. I was like a dancing wallflower. I was kind of counting on it.

There was a pause before the next song and I opened my eyes, eager to get a new beat to shake my body to. I was surprised to hear that my favourite song by Ini Kamoze began to fill the air again. They never played the same song twice. But I shrugged my shoulders and began to move, thrilled with the rhythm that was teasing every cell of my being. I was getting a tired but did not miss a beat.

Suddenly I felt somebody close to my head and heard him say to my ear: “I asked the DJ to play it again for you.”

I had to open my eyes and turn around to see who was talking to me. A dark and handsome stranger was standing behind me, almost towering over me and watching me keenly with his seemingly black eyes and wearing a sexy smile on his lips. What was that all about? He was not a horny teenager, I noticed. Well, maybe horny, but definitely not a teenager.

His close to midnight shadow made his face dark and ominous and his immaculate three-piece suit and stunningly white shirt made it clear that whatever he wished the DJ to play, the DJ would play it without asking any questions. The man had probably paid the poor dude to play the song once again.

I didn’t mind.

I loved the song, so I just said ‘thanks’ and kept on dancing, closing my eyes once again. I moved consciously away from him, hoping he would be gone when I opened my eyes for the next time. I wanted him to fuck off. I did not need his sexy smirk. But to my annoyance, I could smell his cologne as I kept on dancing. He was probably still standing there, casually, with his hands in his pockets. He did not worry about the looks he got for not dancing on the dance floor; he was just watching me.

It’s a free country, I thought. I was in the ecstasy of my own and did not let anyone disturb me. He must have known I was here to dance for myself – not for him. He was not stupid or drunk. His eyes were sharp and intelligent if you took the effort and looked beyond the dark, sexy gaze and the boyish twinkle in his eyes. He looked like a man who made women swoon in front of him, just by looking at them, so I did not take any chances. I avoided his eyes like he was carrying a disease in them.

The song ended way too soon for my liking and I opened my eyes carefully, behind my hair. He was still there, watching me. Waiting. He tilted his head to the side, like trying to figure me out. I ignored him coldly and turned my back on him, but then the lights went really dark and the first slow song of the night began to play. It was usually my cue to get the hell out the dance floor – and fast.

When I took a step to walk away I felt a strong hand grab me by the arm and the handsome stranger turned me around and pulled me against his body. His long fingers held my arm and another hand landed firmly on my lower back. He moved his hand slowly down my arm and when he found my palm, he laced his fingers with mine. Just like that. I could feel his big, warm hand holding me gently and goosebumps ran all over my damp skin.

“Can I have this dance?”

The question was absolutely ridiculous; it was obvious he was not giving me any choice in the matter. His voice was deep and masculine and it sent shivers along my spine. His whole demeanour told me that he saw only me and not the cute girls around us. WTF? Illegally handsome man, with a bedroom voice, demanding me to dance with him?

My body became a traitor at this point. I failed with my attempt to flee from him miserably when he pulled me against his chest. His hold was tight but gentle. He was not trying his luck. He was adamant about dancing with me and did not ask for permission. Truth to be told, he seemed like a man who was used to getting what he wanted and now he wanted a dance from me.


I was sweaty and did not like to be touched right now, but he smelled delicious. I thought that it does not kill me to dance one dance with a hot guy in a magnificent, probably quite expensive suit. I inhaled his scent, allowing my knees to get weak when his cologne filled my nostrils. I relaxed and let the man lead me into a slow, sensual dance in the darkness. He did not speak much, he just held me close to his chest. I felt his heart beating steadily. My sweat began to dry and I winced when I noticed that my cheek had left a damp spot on his jacket.

”I’m so sorry…“

I felt embarrassed. Something that is unusual for me. I began pulling myself away from him, feeling uncomfortable because he was close to perfect and I… Well, I felt suddenly dirty and exhausted. But he just tightened his grip on my back and pulled me against him, swaying softly, moving me with his body.

“Hush… Let’s just dance, beautiful.”

We ended up having a full frontal contact with each other. My eyes widened when I felt his erection through the fabric of his pants. He was hard as a rock. He also felt… huge. Did I make him this hard? Shit… I felt almost proud of myself. Then I felt embarrassed, unable to decide if it was a good thing or a bad thing. Damn, he knew exactly what he was doing by pulling me deeper into his embrace. He wanted me to feel him. He smirked at my expression.

“I knew you were trouble when I saw you, and now, as you can see, you are trouble.” He chuckled. “I am hard as fuck for you, beautiful,” he whispered close to my ear. “I ache for your gorgeous body and I hope you agree with my intentions to dance with you in a different kind of position.”

I gasped at that point. I felt like I needed to leave, but he was still holding me. He kept on dancing and my body followed, like a slave to his moves. His hand was pressing the small of my back and another was slightly under my shirt, where my skin was exposed. He was caressing me with his fingertips. He really had a nerve, I thought, but I was under his spell, wondering what they put to that cologne of his.

The man was the definition of an arrogant asshole in my book. Still, to my own horror, I felt turned on by his bold act. His body was perfectly lean and muscular. I appreciated the fact that he did not look like a grilled chicken when he was naked… He was in a good shape, but his muscles and physical power were hidden under his skin, just like it was with ballet dancers. They were strong and powerful, yet they did not have the visible muscles bulging everywhere, looking like they were trying to rip the skin from the inside out.

So busted.

I was already picturing the man in my arms naked. Too late to pretend that I didn’t… He was a handsome bastard. I was not blind. He was a gorgeous specimen and felt very good against my body. I was a woman. He obviously wanted me – for some reason. And every little fact that ran through my head ended up turning me on. I felt wanted in his arms and under his scrutinising gaze. It was flattering… until I felt cheap. Then I blushed. I was still wondering how good he would look naked. The mental image was difficult to shake.

“Don’t say a word. I don’t want you to talk… You can simply use a safe word with me, which is ‘Gate’. You say it, I stop whatever I am doing and I leave. Is that understood? Nod, if you agree with me.” His voice was caressing my skin as he gave his strange instructions to me. I was speechless. Well, technically not even allowed to speak, so, what the fuck, I nodded at him.

What was his game anyway? I was unable to rip myself away from him when another slow song made us move as one. I could feel the warmth of his skin through all the layers of clothing between us. He was tall and my face was on the level of his chest. I inhaled his scent, feeling how it affected my body. My brain was getting soft. Soft brains, hard cocks… Very explosive combinations.

My mouth was dry and I felt thirsty. I needed something to drink. Maybe I should tell him that and maybe it would stop this weird game he was playing with me now. But he seemed to sense my weariness, because soon I felt there was a wall behind my back and he was leaning against me, pushing me against it. Obviously, we were done with the dancing part.

“I am going to kiss you.”

Then the bastard just went for my mouth. His lips grazed my lips softly. His stubble tickled my skin as he tilted his head a little more and licked my lips open. I melted under his oral intrusion. Soon my mouth was his to take. I offered it to him willingly and to my defence, I have to say he never asked for any permission to enter my body. I just let him.

My tongue was like a welcome mat for him and he wiped his tongue gently against it like he was asking for permission now when it was all too late. He began to play with his tongue wickedly, moving back and forth. He fucked my mouth, passionately and deliciously, while humping my body gently with his hips moving to the music. His obvious erection massaged my belly, reminding me of the fact that he was still hard. Very much so.

A small whimper escaped me, straight into his mouth. He was cocky enough to smile against me. He was way too good kisser and I let him do whatever he wanted to do with my mouth. My body was turning into jelly. My tension had left the building all of a sudden. I was relaxed, but getting hornier with every thrust of his tongue. The dark and handsome stranger, who was ruthlessly kissing me against the wall, was weird, but it was all forgiven.

What was I to do anyway?

He smelled and tasted good and he was sexy as hell – he was manhandling me like it was the most natural thing in the world. Nobody had ever fucked my mouth like that. I did not know it was possible to do all the things he did with his tongue. He did not claim me – he lured me to open for him completely and accept him into me. He practically made me suck him inside me.

I was left completely breathless and he was hard as a rock between our bodies, reminding me about his spoken intentions. He was slowly driving me crazy. I almost began to wish that he would take me and fuck me right there so that I could finally get back home and sleep a good night’s sleep. Completely fucked, spent and relaxed. Mission accomplished. No awkward meetings in the morning.

Was he really going to fuck me?

I wondered about it when he suddenly groaned and pulled away from me, combing his hair with his fingers and shifting his trousers. He was having a hard time… I grinned in the dark. Welcome to the club, mister. I felt with my tongue how warm and swollen my poor lips were after his eager kisses. He looked at my mouth like he was still hungry enough to have a taste of them. Once the disco beat began to pulse on the dance floor, he took my hand and began to pull me away. I was a good girl, so I followed him. At this point, I was actually curious to see what was about to happen next.

His clothes were so well done for him that they revealed his body for all eyes to see, hardly hiding his handsomeness. He was a sex god, one very fine specimen of a man and he smelled good, so I followed my nose. If I were a dog I would have rolled around in anything that smelled like him. Everything about him made me hot and bothered. I tried to tell myself that it was disgusting, but I suddenly wanted to get even dirtier with him.

I felt strangely free to do so because I didn’t know who he was. He was alpha male for sure. That much was clear. They were rare in these waters so I was kind of curious about him and considered him as a human experiment. What would he do next? Would I like it or hate it? Sure, let’s find out.

I was wondering what the man wanted from me as a woman. Why was I supposed to not talk? Did he think that I was so stupid that it was better that I did not talk at all? Probably not. I fucking hope not. I had been dancing alone in many nightclubs once or twice a week for a long time and nothing compared to this had happened.

Men usually noticed it was better to leave me alone and let me dance since I showed no interest in them. To those who were too arrogant to notice my subtle signs I told that I was gay. That usually did the trick and I was left alone. Somehow this man did not bother with the inquiries. He was here to take what he wanted.

I was feeling a bit different tonight and maybe it was the reason he was attracted to me. I was more frustrated than usually with my life and my work. I was just about ready to kill somebody. I needed something to bite. I was also hurt and maybe he smelled the blood in the water and went for a kill. Or for a fuck.

My mind was racing while I followed him.

Maybe I could use a good fuck. That would stop me from killing someone – or myself. Was I sure that I wanted completely random, good smelling, ridiculously sexy man – who was hotter than hot – to fuck me senseless tonight? Whatever the case, the tension was building between us while he pulled me behind him, guiding us through the crowd, holding my hand securely with his warm fingers, with no intention to let go of me. Not that I wanted him to. I think I was over that by now.

He turned towards a corridor I had not noticed before and led me to an empty accessible toilet. He locked the door behind us. He turned around to face me, pinning me with his dark eyes. The man moved his body closer to me, one slow step at a time, at the same time when I stepped back, uselessly trying to prolong the evident, looking into his piercing eyes. Soon my back hit the cold tile wall. His mouth curved into a whisper of a smile and then he crushed my lips with his once again.

The name of the game was a mutual dance alright, and we were obviously heading towards the climax of it. He put his hands on my hips and began to caress my skin underneath the clothes. I was shivering all over, from the cold tiles against my back and from his heated touch. His tongue claimed me again and again and I began to moan against his mouth, unable to stop myself. I wanted to suck his tongue like this forever. He tasted like tic tacs and his breath was hot against my skin when he was finally able to kiss my neck, giving us both a chance to get some air.

“God, you are beautiful. You took my breath away when you were dancing…” His tongue licks the beating pulse on my neck. “You made me painfully hard and I must have you. Please let me… I don’t usually beg but you drop me to my knees, lady.” He withdraws enough to look me in the eye. I stare back. Forbidden to talk. Waiting for him to make his move.

Then he is back against my mouth and mumbles his compliments against my lips. I murmured weakly, needing more, so much more. I wanted to tell him that he got me already at the dance floor. I wanted to tell him to just take me and take me good. That I could forget and… feel something. But I guess he was already on his way under my skin.

He lifted my shirt and yanked my bra under my breasts, beginning to feast on my breasts, sucking them with quick, hungry sucks that reverberated all over my body, especially between my legs. My clitoris was aching for his touch, beating to the rhythm of my heart.

If I had made him hard, he was doing a damn good job making me wet. How convenient for both of us… I pulled him up to my face from his hair and took a hold of his tongue with my lips and sucked him, wrapping my leg around his ass, so that I could push him closer to me. Inviting him all the way in.

Suddenly I needed him badly. Maybe even more than he needed me. I was officially losing it, and God, how good it felt. He took my wrists and pinned them deliciously against the wall with his hands, taking my ability to touch him away from me. I felt the wetness gathering between my legs. No talking, no touching. Only taking what he was offering me. I was burning with heat. He held my gaze with his eyes, looking at me like a wild animal, panting. He was definitely going to fuck me, and boy, I wanted him to. He vocalised his intentions.

“I am going to fuck you, lady.”

He pushed me harder against the wall with his body. “The only thing that will stop me, is the word I told you, you understand?” I nodded. “Good girl.” I was hoping I was good enough for him to take me. Soon. Hard. Fast. Wildly. No excuses. Just simple and satisfying act of sex. No bullshit about life and love, just a good fuck.

Yes… I bit my lip.

He grinned almost wickedly and kissed me.

Maybe he reads minds. Now that I knew what he was about to do I allow my body to respond to his lust and let go. We panted together by now, pressed against each other, his hands all over me, as I was holding to my dear life and wrapped my arms around his neck. He rested his forehead against mine as he was catching his breath. When he went back to sucking by breasts my knees began to buckle.

He was good.

I almost returned his compliment by telling him how good boy he was, but ended up holding my breath while he opened the button of my jeans and slid his hand down my belly, going straight to where I needed him. I inhaled sharply when he found me wet and slid deeper between my legs. His pupils grew darker when he caressed me.

“God, how sexy and wet you are for me… I can smell you and it drives me crazy.”

He groaned in his throat, crushing my lips with his mouth again, pushing his tongue into my mouth, trying to eat me alive. His finger and his tongue worked in synchronicity and the pleasure began to build in me as quickly as I accepted his sweet invasion.

Suddenly he unzipped my jeans, pushed another finger between my legs and in this way he finger fucked a fast, furious orgasm out of me with his two fingers, while his thumb gently worked on my swollen, slippery clit. I gasped and convulsed, bucking against his hand, whimpering and biting my lip to stop myself from shouting out loud. He smiled as he palmed me with his soaked, wet hand and allowed me to catch my breath against his chest.

“Your pussy is so hot it burns my fingers…” he whispered heatedly.

“I wonder if you can keep yourself from screaming when I put my cock inside you and fuck you against this very wall…” The words made my body squirm and his cock responded by twitching. I was wondering about the same thing. If this was getting better, I am not able to keep it quiet, for fuck’s sake.

“I really need to fuck you hard. I just wonder if you can take it, beautiful.” I could actually feel my eyes widening and my pupils dilated so fast I could feel the small muscles work in rapid movements. My ears were burning with the rush of blood in my veins and with every word he whispered to me.

Is it hot in here? Just wondering…

I kept quiet. He said I was not allowed to talk, but I was eating him with my eyes. I knew he could sense that I was just as much in heat as he was. He pushed his hips against mine, letting me feel his cock. He was brilliantly hard and it was quite a turn on, to know that he wanted me so much. I didn’t even know his name, but it was flattering to know that he wanted me. It felt more desired than ever before under his gaze, even though the way we played this game was far from normal socialising.

I did not give a rat’s ass and it surprised me a little.

I wondered why I had never had such a crazy, passionate sex in a toilet before.

“This,” he said, pushing his cock against my hips, “is all yours. I hope you like it.”

He pulled my jeans and panties down my legs and opened his own trousers. When his black boxers finally went down his legs I saw his hard, huge and heavy cock hovering in the air between us. He was absolutely stunning, with a few drops of pre-cum glistening on the tip of it. I tried to touch him but he pushed my hand away impatiently.

“No touching tonight, lady. I am doing you. This is all for you.”

Oh god…

He was fast with his moves and he had a condom over his cock in seconds. I licked my lips and looked into his eyes, swallowing hard. He was looking back, knowing exactly what he was doing to me. He was arrogant and selfish, but so was I at this moment. He made me arrogant with his boldness. I wanted him just as much as he wanted me. We were equal in every way.

“Time to fuck that tension off you, lady. Time for you to let go and surrender and submit to me.” I wrapped my arms around his back, let them slid underneath his shirt, feeling how his back muscles moved as he lifted me from the floor by grabbing my ass, pressing my body hard against the wall with his own, much bigger one. I gasped, filled with anticipation. Embraced myself for the impact.

Over his shoulder, I saw the mirror and his bare bottom as he tensed and flexed his muscles and slid deeper between my legs. His cock was thick and hard, but I was slippery as hot ice and he plunged inside me with one swift movement of his pelvis. I would have screamed out loud, but his lips hit mine, silencing me efficiently as he began to fuck me.

He felt so good inside me, filling me perfectly. I moaned repeatedly against his lips. I could not stop panting, moaning, whining as I took him inside me, accepted him, letting him give and take with his wildly rocking hips. When he was not kissing me my voice echoed from the walls. God, he knew what he was doing to me.

He lifted my legs higher with his arms, opening me wide in front of him so that he could take everything from me, hitting my clitoris with every precise thrust as he drove into my rippling flesh. I was about to scream… I bit my lip until it was bleeding. Worried for a second, not giving a shit the next.

He pressed his head against my neck, sucked my skin and fucked me harder, almost frantically. His moves were spectacular and perfect for both of us. His eyes were two dark pools of primal male lust. My eyes turned back to the mirror and when I saw our reflection there, what he was doing to me, I almost lost it. I began to moan louder. The sound of my wet pussy when his flesh and his balls hit me repeatedly seemed to follow the beat of the disco music behind the wall.

He was on a mission to fuck. He was persistent and relentless with his manly moves. He fucked the living daylights out of me. I convulsed and tensed. I came for him suddenly, hard, shouting against his shoulder, biting his jacket between my teeth as I was crushed against the wall by a toe-curling orgasm and a powerful body of a complete stranger.

The sweetest climax left me helplessly panting against his chest, while he plunged wildly inside me a few times, until he came inside me growling in his throat, his Adam’s apple moving up and down on his neck, his sexy stubble brushing my cheek as he pushed me against the wall for the last time, long and hard, keeping me pinned against the wall with his cock as he exploded inside me, jerking so hard I could feel him while my pussy milked him empty.

He stayed inside me for a while, holding so hard I could hardly breathe. My lungs were fighting for air; my pussy was convulsing with aftershocks. He was feeling me and shivering with his eyes closed, whispering just one word.



He moved his forehead against mine and rested against me, with his eyes still closed. Then he tilted his head and kissed me gently, licking my tongue with his own. A warm, soft kiss that felt like it took forever, but it was probably over in a minute. He slid out of me eventually, putting me gently down to sit on the toilet, asking me to stay still.

He disposed of the condom, throwing it in the trash after he wrapped it in a toilet paper. He put his trousers back on, moving leisurely and without a hurry. I watched how he took the bidet shower and washed me, making sure the water was comfortably warm.

He kept an eye contact all this time, like challenging me to turn my eyes away. I never could. I was spellbound by his boldness and gentleness. I was not afraid to look back at him if that was what he was looking for. He was testing me, I could tell. After he dried my skin, he helped me to put my jeans back on, and then he gently straightened my bra and shirt and told me simply:

“Time for you to go home.”

He walked me out of the toilet and held me close to his body. I was absolutely exhausted, feeling drowsy and dizzy with satisfaction. I felt thirsty and tired. I was sore between my legs, in a way that I could still feel him inside me. I was shivering when we stepped outside and he asked if I was cold.

I shook my head, wondering what he could ever do about it if I was. Turn back the weather? Maybe he was able to do that. Who knows. He did not seem real to me anymore. Maybe I was dreaming. When he managed to get a taxi, he opened the door for me, helped me gently inside and gave 100 euros to the driver and told him to take me home safely.

He kissed me quickly.

“Sweet dreams, beautiful.”

Then he was gone. I told the driver my address and leant back on my seat. As weird as it all had been, I was relaxed and all the stress of the week had completely left me. I could still feel him inside me, pounding my body inside and outside, against the body. I was shivering with the thought. I was dying to get back home to my bed and to drift away. I had no idea what just happened, but I felt good.